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Foreclosure Initiatives

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1.1 Making Home Affordable: Detailed Program Description (74 KB; PDF)
Source: U.S. Department of the Treasury, March 4, 2009
1.11 Making Home Affordable: Summary of Guidelines (54 KB; PDF)
Source: Dept. of the Treasury, March 4, 2009
1.12 Making Home Affordable: Housing Councelor Q & A (73 KB; PDF)
Source:, March 4, 2009
1.13 Making Home Affordable: Modification Program Guidelines (92 KB; PDF)
Source: Dept. of Treasury, March 4, 2009
Addressing the Foreclosure Crisis: State and Federal Initiatives in Mass. (288 KB; PDF)
From the Citizens Housing and Planning Association, March 13, 2008.
Attorney General's Office Questionnaire on Predatory Lending (202 KB; PDF)
Deleveraging the American Homeowner: The Failure of 2008 Voluntary Mortgage Contract Modifications (418 KB; PDF)
The subprime foreclosure crisis has resulted in residential mortgage debt burdens far beyond what borrowers can repay. Many economists have recognized the need to deleverage the American homeowner. The excess mortgage debt is depressing home prices and consumer spending, and acting as a drag on the broader economy. Empirical evidence from mortgage servicer reports to investors show that for the most part, the necessary deleveraging of homeowners is not happening.
Foreclosure Prevention Working Group Press Release (20 KB; DOC)

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